ITIN Products

ITIN Loan Products are for people without a social security number looking to buy a home to live in the United States. Theses loans require higher downpayment, but are a solid 30 year fixed mortgage.



Most banks are not doing it.

Its better than a hard money loan.

No Social Security Card required.

No traditional credit is required just non-traditional.

No documents necessary to prove legal status in USA.


Higher Down payment is required.

Higher than conventional rates.

No investment properties allowed.

Loans for your undocumented buyers

Are your buyers undocumented and living in the USA?

Are they missing a Social Security Card or number?

Do they not have a Visa, Work Permit, or Green Card?

This is the loan you have been looking for…here is what they need to qualify

1. U.S. Government ID Card, Matricula Consular ID, or Passport.

2. 2 Years employment in the same or similar line of work (can be salaried or self-employed).

3. 2 Years Tax Returns using their I-TIN number.

4. Buyers must be an owner occupant.

5. Minimum 20% down payment.

This is a 30 Year fixed rate, not a hard money loan!